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Private Backyard Wedding at Haystack Hearth

August 29, 2019
Private Backyard Wedding at Haystack Hearth

A Colorado I Do

“Love Story”

Nate and I met during a family game night in college. My dad and his mom went to college together and so our families have been friends for a long time. Nate immediately caught my eye, and we became fast friends.

During our friendship, we went to annual family game nights, ran 5ks together, and attended multiple musicals. We kept in touch throughout the year through letters and visits to the summer camp I worked at. I started to get the vibe that there was something brewing between us, and I was definitely crushing on him.

Later that year, Nate shared his feelings with me, and I was FLOORED at his courage and vulnerability with me. I felt respected and honored by him and how honest he was with his intentions towards me. Unfortunately, I felt confused in my own heart and decided to just be his friend. Our friendship felt messy and broken after that.

It was at this time that I began to fall in love with Nate. I saw his character unveiled in how he handled the situation: he was gracious with me, kind to me, and loving towards me even though he was the one getting hurt. He affirmed his feelings for me and shared that he would wait patiently for me to figure out my feelings. I remember thinking, “this is the kind of man I need to marry.” It took me a couple of months to sort out my heart, but when I did, I felt a deep conviction to share with Nate how I felt.

Our first date was that summer at the drive-in theater. We shared our first kiss there on the back of my dad’s truck, and we continued to spend every waking moment together. I remember thinking how crazy it was that things were progressing so fast, but I received continual encouragement and peace from the Lord that Nate was in fact His blessing and gift to me! Nate and I became an official couple later that July when he officially asked me to be his girlfriend. It was soon after when we knew we wanted to get married. Nate asked me to marry him the day before Thanksgiving, we got married the following July.

Throughout our love story, God has used Nate to reveal greater depths of His love for me. Nate’s audacious loyalty to and unconditional love for me reminds me of Jesus. Just like Jesus, Nate chose me and loved me knowing that there was a risk I would never choose to love him back. Just like Jesus, Nate stayed faithful and loyal to me even though I felt doubtful and unsure about my feelings towards him. Just like Jesus, Nate sacrificed his own good and comfort in order to protect and pursue me. And just like Jesus, Nate acted out of the genuine desire to be in an intimate, loving, and personal relationship with me. What an incredible man, and what an incredible God!

– The Bride, Emily Flack

Photographer: Nate Shepard Photography Planner + Florist: Dani Mulhern Venue: Haystack Hearth Rehearsal Dinner: Smokin' Dave BBQ & Brew Catering: Pasta Jay's Dessert: Ben & Jerry's Bridal Boutique: Amanda's Bridal and Tux Groom's Suit: Denver Tux Videographer: Carl Grandinetti Hair Stylist: Lauren Drapal DJ: DJ Connection
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