Love Story

After almost a 2 year engagement and living in 5 cities together over the course of four years, Lex and I were more than ready to welcome all our family and friends to our new city for our wedding day! I know everyone says it, but it really didn't start becoming real until everyone started pouring in from all over the country that Wednesday before the wedding. And then, it all happened so quickly. Our friends and family came and left; our wedding party and immediate family alone traveled from 12 different states to be with us. The love and sincerity was so overwhelmingly beautifully on our day which is what made it a night we will never forget. Even though it went by in the blink of an eye, we will hold on to every moment for the rest of lives together. We will pull it close to us every time we cross a bumpy road, or just need a good laugh. We are so lucky, and grateful among all else that we found our forever home in Colorado and were able to pull off the wedding of our dreams here! One question I have been asked over and over again since our wedding is: "Do you feel any different"? Easy answer: I don't. I feel lucky, and incredibly happy, and like a bigger part of my life is just beginning, but not different. Lex was my best friend from the moment I met him and I told my Dad I had met my husband the day after we met. He has always felt like home to me and our wedding gave us the opportunity to share that with everyone, and have a awesome party after!

~ Bride, Bri


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