Wedding Day

The inspiration behind our BIG day was the beautiful fall colours and stunning Okanagan scenery. We wanted something that looked rich, beautiful and elegant.. without being to over the top and tacky. Our colors were gold (because who doesn't love gold), navy and ivory. These colors perfectly complemented the style and theme we were going for. 

We had our reception at one of our favourite restaurants, not only because of the savoury food, but the location, view and long standing history with the owner and staff. The location also happened to be on a golf course. My husbands favourite thing to do is golf (he's also pretty good at it as well:) 

My favourite part of our wedding was being able to get married in the fall and have it be so beautiful, and of course.. walking down the aisle with my dad by my side to my best friend, soulmate and future forever.... also, the fact I didn't get a stiletto stuck in the grass and face planting!

My husband and I have actually known one another for 14 years now. My now husband (Justin) is best friends with my cousin, all through middle school, high school and still! Every Christmas Eve or big family function, my cousin would bring Justin. Him and I were friends, but didn't hang out often. In 2015, a trip to Mexico was planned as a big family event. Justin and I were both single at the time - we had completely hit it off with one another, had the absolute time of our lives!

After about the 3rd day on vacation (after me chasing him around- giving off every signal a girl could) I finally kissed him. In that moment I saw my future with him. In that moment, we just both knew- this was forever. It was amazing and surreal!!  10 months later,  we took a romantic get away to Vancouver and went to our favourite restaurant in Vancouver (Carderros.) When we went back to the condo, I was given an amazing, beautiful speech from Justin and he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring I'd ever seen reaching out to me. Best decision of my life - truly magical!!!!

~ Bobbi & Justin


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