Larkspur Real Wedding

October I Do at Spruce Mountain Ranch

May 20, 2019

Laura Osborn/Rocky Mountain Bride

Colorado Wedding

Our journey started as a friendship 12 years ago! After 5 years of country concerts double dates, and sporting events it slowly grew into a relationship - a very unexpected, but pleasant surprise! I would have to say that phrase, 'Unexpected, but pleasant', best describes our relationship as a whole thus far :)

Our relationship began in Colorado - both being natives. A year in, we found ourselves making the move to California. We fell in love with our second home and didn't plan on leaving anytime soon. Fast forward two years, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presented itself & we hesitantly yet excitedly made the decision to make a slightly larger move... to Dubai. Both experiences were the epitome of unexpected, but pleasant. After an incredible adventure, visiting 15 countries, & making endless memories in both another state (and another country) concluded, we made our way back to friends and family in Colorado where we currently reside.

April 1st 2018 (both Easter and April Fools Day), he popped the question! While my initial response was that this better not be an April Fools joke (haha), the day that his chose was so thoughtful. A holiday where he knew we'd be in the presence of both families - my family, both immediate and extended, being able to witness the proposal and us being able to celebrate the news shortly after with his. I couldn't have asked for anything more :)

The wedding day! 10.26.18. My favorite date thus far :) Some of the moment(s) I will never forget from our wedding day would actually be all the things that didn't go as planned - moments were able to look back on and laugh about. A groomsman forgetting his shoes and having them Uber'd to the venue. A bridesmaid accidentally purchasing the wrong dress, & managing to have the right one within less than 24 hours (shout out to Nordstrom - another reason to love you!). Standing in the middle of a tennis court connected to our venue with my father, father-in-law, brother, & soon to be husband all trying to cover me with their jackets while laughing, in the midst of trying to make our way to the correct spot prior to walking down the aisle. And while all these things weren't part of the initial plan, they make for some of the most memorable stories post wedding day. As our pastor said it best, "I hope for a little something to go wrong on the wedding day. That teaches you to face the challenges, the same as you will have the face throughout the marriage."

My advice for future brides: Drown yourself in all the love and support surrounding you - smile big, laugh a lot, & dance all night! <3

- The Bride, Jamie Warren


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