Love Story

Our first meeting was chance, and the timing was all wrong. The Universe whispered to us both, "you're going to need to give me a minute". A handful of moons later, we found ourselves occupying each other's space, and refusing to allow too much time to fill the time between...together. Our wedding day was in the making for two years. Amy's service to her country demanded her time, and once again, the Universe asked us to wait. The two years were filled with spending our time hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles apart, all the while our longing to be married growing with each day. While we both had a vision of our day, the core of our every decision was rooted in whether our guests would enjoy themselves. Would they be comfortable and happy? Would the curated food and wine reach every guest's palate? Would they feel love for one another, as much as we felt for them? Our bridesmaids- each incredible women, with powerful stories, chose their own attire and wore exactly what made them feel edgy... and beautiful... and comfortable in their own skin. And our daughter- she stole the show. There is no human more stunning and kind than Ella. She is strength and grace, and she wore every bit of herself that day.

Even though Amy's eyelashes fell off, and my lipstick was a crispy mess (a side effect of my careless dehydration), our day was shared with the most important human beings in our lives- and we reached each guest, in exactly the way we hoped we would. Every person enjoyed their food...their wine...their champagne...and there wasn't a dry eye in the ceremony. "Come for the love, and stay for the party" was our tagline...and did they ever!

~ Crystal & Amy


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