British Columbia Wedding

Faith, family, and friends surrounded Bek & Josiah on their beautiful Hope wedding day. The setting of Mountain Road Retreat suited them. And their carefully planned ceremony and celebration was sweet in its connection and inclusion of every single guest.

Instead of a receiving line, they did something I have never seen before. Something powerful. They served their guests' dinner. Yes. Each and every plate was hand-delivered by the Bride & Groom. It gave them an opportunity to thank guests for contributing to their day. If that's not gratitude, I'm not really sure what qualifies.

Faith, family, and friends will continue to surround these two. I know this because Josiah's mom reached out to me by phone. Her words about my work and the wonderful influence that I had on the day moved me to tears. That kind of acknowledgment makes me forget the difficult moments where I'm busting a move to capture as many candid images as I can during the ceremony or gather everyone for family portraits before the sun sets.

- British Columbia Wedding Photographer, Michele Mateus Photography


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