Real Montana Wedding 

Jackie and Damian's wedding in the outer reaches of Montana: we're talking lightning storms as they ran through fields. We're talking whiskey-soaked dance parties, a ceremony in the middle of a valley with a mountain range surrounding them, tearful vows and champagne fountains, and a guest list who probably bike/run/hike more on any given day than I will in my entire life. A groom who cracks a Rainier and bikes into his wedding ceremony. An Americana-clad group who hits the local rodeo like they own the place. Last July was one of those weekends where we realize how adventurous some people in this world are and get inspired to live a little better. Jackie and Damian: hearts the size of Montana and trailblazing spirits to match. I don't even care if that's cheesy, I just love these two and can't wait to share this day with you.

~ Adventure Wedding Photographers, Sullivan & Sullivan


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