Wedding Day

As both Ian and I are from Montana, we wanted to incorporate our beautiful home state into the day as much as possible. The instant we had a site visit at the Big Yellow Barn, we knew it was the perfect place for our wedding. We wanted to blur the lines between a traditional barn wedding and a more formal event; the design, layout and features of the Big Yellow Barn made that possible. We chose white, gold and light gray as our colors to create a clean, elegant and minimalist aesthetic. As the views from the Big Yellow Barn are outstanding, we did not want to try and compete or draw attention away from the natural beauty.  We tried to have formal balanced with western throughout the entire evening: vintage dining room chairs for ceremony seating combined with gold framed signs, a mix of traditional white roses, peonies and ranunculus with antler sheds on the tables, long flowing bridesmaids dresses with cowboy boots and a plated beef/salmon dinner with elk appetizers (made from elk shot by the bride!) are some of my favorite examples.

Overall we wanted it to be a fun event for us and our guests. As important as the decorations and details were (especially to the excessively detail oriented bride), we prioritized the venue, caterer, bar and band. We chose Memorial Day weekend for two reasons: 1. It is our favorite time of the year in Montana, with the valley turning green and snowcapped mountains in the background 2. The long weekend made traveling easier for our friends and family. However, we knew the weather risks. I had my grandma’s white fur coat out and ready to go if needed, and we had a very thought out plan B for the ceremony and reception. The BYB was perfect because it provided lots of indoor space if needed. We set up seating areas downstairs near the bar and used fleece blankets as guest favors so that people would be comfortable if it were raining or snowing.  We got very lucky with the weather that day, but we headed into the weekend feeling confident that we’d have a wonderful time no matter what Mother Nature decided to do. 

~Bride, Sarah


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