Halloween Wedding Inspiration

The audacious air is here in Colorado with full embrace.  Marvelously decorating the landscape, with its moody colors and bodacious light. Yes it is the spookiest time of the year. Glancing around at the splendor of hues and pigments, and feeling the ice cold breeze, demanded influential presence to Film/Photography producers based out of Colorado, Bokeh Company. The shoot, Masked Mood, aimed to fully envelop the elegance yet darkness of fall.  Pulling together a team of creative artists in Denver Colorado at Moss, they set the stage for the strange woe on one of the happiest days of life. Moody and Masked are the phantom that lasts for this shoot, yet isn't it hauntingly beautiful? 

~ Denver Wedding Photographer, Bokeh Company

Masked Mood Film from Bokeh Company on Vimeo.


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