Chilly Kananaskis Intimate Wedding

February 22, 2018
Chilly Kananaskis Intimate Wedding

Wedding Day

Driving to the mountains it was the perfect Autumn day for an intimate wedding hosted in nothing but the true beauty of nature. The trees were ablaze in the perfect contrast to the snow-capped mountains in the beautiful Kananaskis country. The roads quiet on a Friday afternoon allowing Jackie & Jamie’s day to have a serene hush-tone as they grasp hands along the shoreline of the lower lakes with only two other sets of eyes and wildlife as their witness.

As Jackie’s sister laid out the train a flock of birds took flight over them and clouds rolled in as a perfect haze and the promise of a snow-fall as they started their vows. It almost felt like we were in Iceland, everything in muted tones on the verge of glacier water. Vader, their sweet little pup, dressed to impress at the side of Jamie’s best-man, lost in the tall grass… this was the moment they had been planning for. Privately hidden in the place they loved most- the mountains were they often camped and made countless memories.

They were engaged only a few months before this momentous moment in the mountains, on July 11, 2017. They traveled to Northern California to hike for 4 days in Yosemite Park. Jamie cleverly hiding the engagement ring in a lens case, a place she would surely never look, set his back-pack down to “grab his camera gear” as they hiked on the ‘Mist Trail’ where a beautiful giant waterfall dusted them in refreshing water droplets. It was then that he decided to propose, completely wet and overwhelmed with the beauty of what they love to do with one another (hike, travel, adventure), it encapsulated the perfect moment and backdrop to the biggest question Jamie could ever ask Jackie as he took one knee- will you spend the rest of your life as my partner, perfect camp-mate-adventurer, and wife? She “felt wonderfully overwhelmed as there was so much going on” and of course said yes! They kept hiking, enjoying their little love bubble in isolation of the beauty of Yosemite, then later sharing the news with family (albeit in Jackie’s mixed language of French and English which I freaking love) when they had cell service.

All of that lead to this. A quiet breezy autumn day that swirled them in a small snow-storm as they joyously made their vows. Later the sun would peek through, walking alongside the upper-lakes and the snow would quietly melt to water-droplets in perfect symmetry to their engagement day. “Wet and loved.” Jackie shared how incredibly kind and generous Jamie is and how I would never know it but he has the most wonderful singing voice and plays guitar. Jamie shared that he fell in love with her incredible joy (it’s true she basically shoots light-beams from her beautiful face), how funny, silly, and big-hearted his wife is and that I should see her dance. We then headed back to ‘camp’ where they layered up in jackets and mitts, popped champagne and gathered around a campfire to continue the celebration of this new chapter and the most beautiful way to start a marriage.

– Calgary Wedding Photographer, Jamie Anholt

Photographer: Jamie Anholt Florals: Fleurish Floral Shop Dress Shop: The Bragging Bride Officiant: Tamara Jones
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