How He Asked

From the Bride-to-be

I had been away for work for a few days and had just returned home from the airport, so it was late in the evening, around 10 pm. We had planned to leave early the next morning for a road trip to British Columbia wine country to celebrate our one year anniversary that coming weekend (so I was ready to unpack and head to bed). I laid down with our dog Gibson on his bed and Tyler came to join us for family cuddles (we're cute like that). In the middle of our conversation Tyler turns to me and says "so I was thinking, you want to get married?"

I didn't understand what was happening, I was half asleep and I thought he was joking as he'd often teased me in the past with that very phrase (I'd always say "you're not really asking!" and then we'd laugh and move on). I quickly realized this time it wasn't a joke when I saw a beautiful ring at the end of his outstretched arm. I believe my exact words were "this is how you're doing this?" (I was confused and jet lagged!) and then my flustered self quickly realized I hadn't answered him yet, so I looked at him and said "OF COURSE!"

The rest is history! While my reaction isn't what I had thought it would be (I wish I had started with "yes!"), in the end, it was perfect. It was very "us" to be at home with the dog, family cuddles and all!

About the Wedding

Our Best Memories

Tyler remembers waiting to see me in my dress for the first time and me walking down the aisle toward him. I remember the anticipation of waiting for Tyler to turn around at our first look, and my dad trying to make me laugh before we walked down the aisle so I could calm down a little bit!

Our Advice

Don't be afraid to trust other people. Ask for help and definitely don't worry about all the "small stuff." I tried to keep that in mind the whole time, and in the end, I think it made a big difference. So many of my friends advised me ahead of time not to get caught up in all of the details so we focused on the few big things that we felt were most important (food, wine, photos).

Dress Designer: Truvelle Bridal // Event Venue: River Cafe // Photography: Stephanie Couture Photography // Ring Designer: Tacori // Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Harry Rosen and O'Connors // Veils and Headpieces: Olivia the Wolf & Sara Gabriel Veils


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