Their proposal story from the super sweet and fabulous bride, Kailey: Joey was born and raised in what he likes to call "the heart of cattle country" aka Jackson Hole. He has a way of making a joke out of everything. His humor is what originally drew me to him, coupled with my sister's endless persistence of telling me "Hey, you should really date my friend Joey." Within a few months of moving to Jackson Joey and I quickly became inseparable; he taught me how to fly fish and I taught him how to kiteboard. Our love for adventures together grew. Each summer we talked about climbing the Grand Teton and by our third summer, we made it happen. Of course my Dad, who we like to call "Wild Bill," was also on board to join in on the adventure! We signed up with the Exum Guides, took our practice courses and set out to conquer the Grand. Our biggest concern was the possibility of not seeing each other at the top as Wild Bill was taking a different route to the summit than Joey and I. Little did I know, it was a much bigger deal to not see him than just taking some photos together. As Joey and I reached the summit I was beyond thrilled to see my Dad there waiting. As I stood on top of the summit marker admiring the views, Joey fumbled through his pack to find the ring he had put inside a glove, inside a jacket, inside a zipper pocket...needless to say, he didn't want to lose it. When Joey asked my parents if he could marry me, my parents gifted him a 100+ year old ring worn by my Great Grandma. As I turned to Joey, he was down on one knee, ring in hand, asking me to spend the rest of my life with him. I was at a complete loss for words, in fact, I almost forgot I actually had to respond. In the photos of our proposal, he is looking at me asking " that a yes?" I mean, it could have been a long hike down if it wasn't ? We are lucky to call Jackson home with the Grand Tetons in our backyard reminding us of that incredible day. 


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