Love Story

"No mom, we're just friends..." 

We all know what that really means when we tell our parents and closest friends, the guy that I talk to every day, the guy that has the exact same humour as me and knows just how to crack me up at the perfect time, the guy that makes me fearless, the guy that I deeply adore, that we're "just friends."

Joshua Anema is that guy.

Josh and I met at work. He was kind, hard working and had a unique sense of humour. When I first met him, I didn't think of him more than just a colleague. But we eventually became good friends, talking almost every single day. After some time, I noticed that I became more and more excited to go to work.

The Proposal

Soon enough, our friendship became more than being "just friends." I simply couldn't stop talking about him. On a brisk Saturday morning in February, Josh prepared an amazing breakfast for me. I left the room for a moment and when I came back, I noticed a shiny object in a box sitting on top of my coffee mug. It was the most gorgeous piece of jewelry I've seen. And then it clicked, it's an engagement ring! Immediately, I felt goosebumps running down my spine and my knees became like jello. I couldn't contain my emotions. I shrieked with excitement and threw myself at him, bursting into tears.

The Venue

Josh and I love spending time with our family. One of the things we both agreed on early in wedding planning was that we were going to keep the wedding small and intimate, with just our immediate families and our closest friends. It didn't take us long to decide to do a destination wedding in Tofino, BC. We chose Tofino because it perfectly resembles the balance between beauty, calmness and adventure. We wanted to choose a venue that isn't directly in "downtown Tofino" but we also wanted to be somewhat close to a beach. Long Beach Lodge was the perfect venue to host our wedding. Long Beach Lodge is a beautifully designed venue. The combination of the Douglas Fir posts and beams and stone fireplace provided an intimate, West Coast feel. The staff at the lodge were incredible to work with during the planning process. The planning process leading up to our big day was for the most part stress free in large due to the help of Jennifer, the wedding coordinator at Long Beach Lodge and the rest of the staff.

We couldn't have asked for our big day to go any better. It was perfect. The coordination was on point, the food was delicious, the venue was beautiful, the rooms were amazing, our day was everything we could have wanted it to be and we got to celebrate with our family and friends.

~ Jacalyn, Bride


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