Love Story

Dakota and I met as teenagers and fell in love during several years of wading through streams, camping on cliffs with friends and chasing the perfect fall foliage. Combining that with our deeply introverted souls, an intimate nature wedding was a must for us.

We are from Kansas City and around here, Colorado is just the place you go when you want mountains. Whenever anyone asks how we picked our location, I have to kind of chuckle and say, "I think I googled 'wildflower hikes in Colorado' and picked the one with the best pictures." It was meant to be. With the sea of wildflowers smack dab in the middle of intense mountain views, we didn't need a single decoration. Which was good because the mile or so hike was relatively challenging for us sea-level folks!

We wanted our wedding weekend to feel like a mini vacation for our guests so we booked a couple rentals homes, told everyone to bring flannels and swim suits and ordered way too much pizza. I think we'll always treasure memories of singing around camp fires, laughing until three in the morning from cabin bunk beds, holding our breath trying not to scare away a fox and piling into hot tubs under the stars. It felt more like an idealistic summer camp experience than a typical wedding, complete with a teary goodbye when it was time to leave for our honeymoon

We're so grateful for these photos and the photographers who made the trek to take them for us. We didn't even know where our phones were most of the day because we were able to completely trust them with documenting the experience for us. The Rockies will forever hold our treasured memories and the little extra courage it took to enter uncharted  "unconventional wedding" territory was absolutely worth it!

~ Bride, Kelsey


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