Inspire your Fall Bridal Look with Accessories from Walters & Hogsett

August 19, 2020
Inspire your Fall Bridal Look with Accessories from Walters & Hogsett

Whether you’re hosting an intimate backyard soiree or hiking up the mountains to exchange vows in private, a fall wedding is one of our favorite times of the year to get married. From the colors of the changing leaves to cooler weather that blows through the Rockies, this picturesque season will have you swooning over your photos for years to come. But, if you really want your portraits to pop, add a bold accessory like an oversized ring or colorful earrings to contrast against the fall foliage. We teamed up with Walters & Hogsett to share a few of our favorite fall gemstones to help set your bridal look apart!

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Wear a dainty 3-stone Sapphire necklace, like the one pictured below by Kimberly Collins Gems, with these bright and bold rainbow Sapphire cocktail rings and hoop earrings to your rehearsal dinner. You’ll be the light of the evening and sparkle as you raise a toast with all of your nearest and dearest. Carry the classic blue Sapphire necklace over into your wedding day bridal look for your something blue piece.

These colorful gemstones will stand apart against the orange and yellow foliage, and give your bridal look a unique twist from the traditional diamonds and pearls. 

Enhance the color from the Sapphires by wearing a bold lip color like fuchsia or pink!

Green Tourmaline + Opal

Opal and Green Tourmaline are the two birthstones for October. Both are stunning options for fall bridal accessorizing. Opal, pictured below, gives a water, sky or galaxy appearance. This subtle, yet stunning gemstone is believed to be a symbol of purity, hope and truth; fitting for the beginning of your forever! Opal looks best with cool skin tones and is the perfect accessory for those brides that want a subtle pop of color but something that won’t overpower their overall look.

Tourmaline is one of our favorite fall gemstones because of the dazzling array of colors that are highlighted within. However, the Green Tourmaline, pictured below, gemstone is one of the most popular choice. Green Tourmaline is known to promote courage, strength and stamina. And, frankly, you’ll need all of that to get through a long wedding weekend!

We love the Green Tourmaline gemstone for a sophisticated evening reception or fancy black tie wedding!

Ps. Guys, Tourmaline is given to celebrate the eighth wedding anniversary.

Whether you opt for Green Tourmaline or another colored gemstone, we love a chunky ring for any cocktail party! Rock a chunky ring, like the Kimberly Collins Gem below, to your engagement party, rehearsal dinner or welcome party!


Okay, okay! We know technically Citrine and Topaz typically represent November, but we’re crushing hard on Zircon so are substituting it in!

Zircon is a popular gemstone because of the array of colors it comes in. We personally adore the blue hue! Again, it’s a great option for your something blue piece! No matter if your floral accents are dried neutrals or pops of burnt orange and whites, the Zircon gemstone will stand out amongst it all.

Check out this stunning Kimberly Collins Gem at Walters & Hogsett!

For more gemstone inspiration, check out the stunning rings offered at Walters & Hogsett!

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