From the ever-so-talented calligrapher, Anna of Cast & Company: As wedding industry professionals, our job is to deliver fair and exceptional service to all clients, so when I found out our friends were denied that service because of their sexual orientation my heart was broken. Discrimination is still very present in some areas, which inspired me to gather these kind and talented people to try and change the game. By designing an inspiration shoot where the love of the couple is the focus, we hope to create an equal place in this industry for ALL people. We hope that by sharing these images discrimination in Montana and beyond will be a thing of the past. 

Photographer Tori Pintar was the perfect choice for this shoot. Her photos capture a deeper love - they tell stories, and show the true character of her subjects. The details came to life in the shadowy light and the picturesque landscape of Bozeman Montana shines through her lens. I thank her for her openness and her warmth, and know that her beautiful photography will encourage this movement for the years to come. 

Kait and Rachel of Bash Bozeman designed the stylish warehouse setting in the Bozeman Cannery District. The warehouse, now under renovations, saw just the right amount of daylight through the cloudy glass and rustic brick. With their knack for modern décor they developed an impressive and intimate dining experience. These women opened up their space for the day and welcomed this couple with open arms. 

Julio Freitas of The Flower Hat has a heart of gold, with the talent to match. He assembled the ideal mix of modern and romantic florals. The moody blooms took the table display to a whole new level. And with touches of fruits and air plants, he kept the table displays looking chic. Julio can turn a simple idea into a work of art, and always with a smile on his face.

The stunning metallic textured cake by Jasmine Snyder of Whipped Confections not only reflected the industrial warehouse space of the location, it was enjoyed by all at the end of the day and tasted just as spectacular. Jasmine's spirit and character matched the essence of this shoot. She says, "When we tear away our human masks we see that love, like our spirit, is colorless, genderless, and without judgment."

I (Anna Boswell of Cast & Company) felt moved to gather this shoot when I heard discrimination was still happening in my community. I am motivated to show all couples, of all orientations and races and faiths, that getting married and having a dream wedding should not be unwelcoming. I hope that by normalizing same sex weddings, this industry can do away with discrimination and focus on what really matters, the love. The modern invitation suite is masculine but still playful. Bold black and white lettering enhance the suite for a classic look, making this one great for either the guys or the gals. 

Little place cards with personal messages lightened the tone and made for a fun addition to the table display. With accents of leather, stripes, and matte black ceramics, the lighter flare fit just right. 

We walked the trails of Peets Hill to find the sunset light just in time, creating a gorgeous glow on the snow. We spent the chilly evening drinking the wines from Corx and dining on their delicious bites, with contributions from the crew. Winter in Bozeman is just as beautiful as the warmth of summer, with epic mountains and vast landscapes.

Friends from a local Bozeman media production group got together to produce the film, which includes original music by Eric Witthans and Meredith Kimbrough. The video is incredibly moving. We're able to witness a true affection in these men. We can feel the emotion and the honesty. Plus, the effortless imagery and natural lighting makes the handsome men look like movie stars. Thanks to Adam Foss, Sean Tippin, and Kelly Carpenter for your work and support. 

The local shop Revolvr Menswear supplied the perfect outfits for the guys, fit with patterned tops and stylish accessories. This downtown Bozeman menswear boutique has a great selection for casual and formal wedding attire. 

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