Their Love Story

I'm from Idaho Falls originally but the start of my fourth grade year I moved to Boise because of my parents' jobs, only to move back the middle of my seventh-grade year. When I moved back I had remembered a few people from before, but mostly everyone was new to me. In my science class, I had gotten a note from a cute boy but never wanted to think anything of it. This is where Cayd comes in. I remember how cute he was with his grown out bleached tips, his collared shirts, and sweet smile, sitting at the group tables we were assigned in Mrs. Gleaves class. He asked me to go on a date, I said no. He asked me again to go on a date with him, and once again I said no... He then asked again! (Boy, he was persistent ???) And honestly... I was so annoyed I finally said yes. Our "first date" he came over to my parents' house where we had chicken on our deck, and my stepdad made Cayd hold his gun (embarrassing? Yes!) Apparently he wasn't scared away because we dated on and off for a couple years after that. The summer between our freshman and sophomore year my parents moved to New Mexico for their jobs again. I remember texting Cayd every day (we were just friends at the time) and I had made a trip to come back to Idaho to be with a friend for a month. That's when Cayd and I officially started dating again, and what became our "the fifth" (July 5th, our anniversary) We were so inseparable that I ended up moving in with my dad in Pocatello because I just couldn't be that far away from Cayd again. After a couple months of living in Pocatello, I decided to make the decision to move in with Cayd's family, so I could be closer to them and closer to my past life at Bonneville and turns out it was the best decision I ever made. Cayd and I dated all throughout high school, both graduated from Bonneville High School, moved to Twin Falls after that summer, moved to Washington for a job opportunity a year later, and then moved back to Idaho for a different job opportunity in 2014. This July we actually celebrated our 8 year anniversary together.

Our Engagement
My parents go on a "Montana trip" where the road trip and stop at different places from Washington to Montana to Idaho and back to Washington. This last October (the weekend of October 8th, 2016) we got the chance to meet them in Jackson Hole to hang out with them and have a little weekend vacation! We have always loved Jackson since Cayd used to ride bulls and we would go to the Jackson Rodeo every Wednesday the last couple years of high school. This trip was a little more special since my grandmother from Florida had gone on this road trip with them! With that being said, that Saturday we all loaded up in the truck to go check out Jackson Lake in Moran WY. When we got to Jackson Lake Lodge, it was breathtaking. We walked out of the lodge looking out at Jackson Lake and the beautiful Tetons. Little did I know Cayd had some tricks up his sleeve. My dad then wanted to take pictures of us girls. Then we took some of the guys. And the view of course. Then it was Cayd and I's turn. I was positioning my hair, getting ready for the picture, trying to put my arm around Cayd like I usually do. I had looked at my parents for a split second, looked back and Cayd was already in the motion of getting on his knee. The moment I had been imagining for the past 7 years was finally happening! I instantly grabbed my eyes and tried not to cry (which didn't happen as I was already bawling my eyes out) as he grabbed my waist, told me he loved me and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes!

~ Darling Bride, Danielle


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