How to Prep for a Long Flight Abroad

July 23, 2020
How to Prep for a Long Flight Abroad

Traveling abroad is exciting for so many reasons; from discovering a new culture and exploring new places to trying new foods and meeting new people. However, traveling abroad often means entering a different time zone causing jet lag and more. If you’re venturing to a new continent or country for your honeymoon and have a long flight ahead, you’ll want to arrive as fresh and rejuvenated as possible; after all, it is your honeymoon! Below we are sharing our favorite products to pack and tips for surviving those long journeys across the pond.

First things first, find the perfect personal carry-on tote! While you may store a suitcase in the above bins, the below items you’ll want to have easier access to in a personal carry-on that you store under your seat. We’re loving the Weekend Traveler Tote Bag and the Chic Travel Bag from Lulus! A bag with multiple pockets, an interior mini bag and zipper are all great features to look for.

What to Pack
for entertainment

While many flights abroad provide in-flight entertainment, we believe it’s best to arrive prepared! You never know if you’ll enjoy the movie options or if the WiFi is out of service for troubleshooting. Pack items that don’t take up too much space but still allow you to remain occupied during the entire duration of the flight.

Books or a Kindle: Books are a great way to pass time! However, paper and hardbacks can take up unnecessary space in your luggage or carry-on bags. If you have a Kindle we recommend bringing that. Kindles allow you to download multiple books to read throughout the flights and your honeymoon. Lounge by the beach with your Kindle or unwind at night in the bathtub or bed while reading a nice book.

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Headphones: Don’t forget headphones! If they require a battery or charge, be sure to recharge them before the flight. You never know if you’ll get stuck next to a load snorer. Use your headphones to listen to music or movies during the flight. If you plan to watch inflight entertainment, you may need headphones with a plug.

Battery Pack: If you’re planning to use your cell phone or electronics for a good portion of the flight, we recommend packing a portable battery pack to keep your electronics juiced up. Plus, arriving in a foreign country with a dead cell phone can make it difficult to call a taxi, find your reservation information, etc. – this is why we also recommend packing a folder with reservation information printed out!

Shop Battery Packs here.

iPad: A computer is a bit bulky for a honeymoon, and you shouldn’t be working on this trip anyways! If you’re looking to watch movies or play games to pass time on the flight an iPad is a great option! Don’t forget to pre-download the movies or shows you intend to watch on flight. While many airlines offer inflight WiFi, it doesn’t always work for streaming.

What to Pack
to help you sleep

Sleeping is the best way to kill time on a flight! However, when you’re on a longer journey, you’ll want to ensure you have what you need to stay comfortable! A 30-minute kitty nap is much different than a 4-hour snooze on a flight. Pack a few essentials to ensure you’re able to catch some zzz’s.

Eye Mask: Planning to take a kitty nap on the flight? An eye mask is just what you need! Block out all the surrounding lights so you can snooze without disruptions. If noises bother you, ear plugs may also be a good idea!

Jet Lag Tip: If you are taking a flight that lands mid-day or afternoon in your arrival destination, you want to stay awake so you are tired when it is time to go to sleep!

Dramamine: If you get motion sickness while flying, pack Dramamine. You never know when there will be unexpected turbulence.

Attire: We know looking fashionable on your honeymoon may be important, but when traveling on a long flight, comfort should come first! Wear something that you feel comfortable moving around the airport in but also sleeping in. If you have multiple connections, we recommend packing a change of clothes. You may feel more refreshed if you change before the last leg or at your final destination.

Pillow: Many flights abroad supply pillows, but not all. Pack a small pillow like an “airplane pillow” to keep your neck supported. This will also come in handy if you’re planning to sleep!

Check out this Memory Foam Airplane Pillow!

Sweater: Airplanes are often chillier due to the high capacity of people on board. Pack a sweater, cardigan or light sweatshirt to put on in case you get cold! There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable on a long flight. We’re always a fan of big and baggy cardigans when it comes to flying because they also serve as a blanket you can wrap up in!

Try this Lulus Cardigan Sweater which has a hood for extra comfort!

What to Pack
for your skin and health

Flying for a long period of time can be hard on your body and skin! In order to stay feeling refreshed and hydrated, we recommend packing a small toiletry bag for traveling! Make sure the items you pack are travel size (3oz or less if liquid) in order to bring them on board.

Chapstick: The air on flights is dry, keep your lips moisturized by sticking chapstick in your carry-on!

Face Wipes: Clean off any dirt and grime from moving through the airports and sitting on a flight for an extended period of time with face wipes!

Pain Medicine: If you get a headache from dehydration or from sitting in an uncomfortable position too long, it’s smart to having something help ease the the pain.

Kleenex: Dry air may cause your nose to become runny or stuffy. Have tissue handy just in case!

Deodorant: You’re most likely going to feel like you need a shower after for traveling for an extended period of time, but you’ll probably want to wait to do that at the hotel. Packing items like deodorant, face wipes, toothpaste and more will allow you to do a mini-hygiene routine in the airport bathroom!

Moisturizer: Your hands and skin will most likely feel dry and scaly after flying for so long in dry air, pack a travel size moisturizer to use throughout your travel time.

Toothpaste and Tooth Brush: Trust us, after more than a few hours on a flight, you’ll want to brush your teeth. Perhaps a carry-on mouthwash isn’t a bad idea either!

Water Bottle: If you’re able to pack 1 to 2 refillable water bottles, do it! Fill them up before boarding. Drinking plenty of fluids will ensure you stay hydrated.

Compression Socks: Compression socks help reduce swelling and promote circulation. If you’re flying for an extended period of time and are worried about getting swollen ankles, compression socks will help prevent this. Simply simply them on under your pants and no one will ever know you’re wearing them!

Snacks: Airport and in-flight snacks can be pricey! Pack your own snacks to ensure you don’t go hungry. Pre-packaged snack packs are always a great idea and don’t take up too much space.

Dry Shampoo: Freshen up your locks with a little dry shampoo to ensure you’re looking best for that honeymoon arrival Instagram snapshot!

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What to Pack

Pen: If you’re taking a trip abroad, you’ll be required to fill out a form to get through customs. The airlines will hand these out at the end of your flight, however, most will not provide a pen. Always pack a pen with you for this purpose to expedite your customs process.

For more honeymoon travel tips, check out our post on What to Pack for your Honeymoon and 10 Travel Tips to Prepare for your Honeymoon.

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