How to Pack the Perfect Charcuterie Picnic for Two

May 29, 2020
How to Pack the Perfect Charcuterie Picnic for Two
With warmer weather on the horizon across the country, it’s time to pack a picnic and hits the trails for the perfect afternoon day date with your sweetheart! A romantic picnic for two? Talk about the perfect time to proposeWhether you’re looking to celebrate an anniversary or engagement, a picnic is a great way to get outside and enjoy the company of your significant other. We’ve teamed up with Sugar Mountain Catering to share 6 tips on how to pack the perfect charcuterie picnic for two!
One: Prepare ahead of time!
Preparing your items ahead of time is essential. Pre-slice all of your fruits and cheeses at home so you don’t need any sharp utensils for the picnic. Remember, the more you have to pack, the more you have to carry!
While we love a good wheel of brie, this is not the time for it. Aged cheddar, Iberico, swiss and gouda are all great when you’re assembling a board without a kitchen. Goat cheese can even work well since it’s soft enough to scoop up using a cracker or crostini.
Two: Use separate containers!
Pack cheeses, meats, olives, and fruits separately.
We love to use pint and quart containers (like you would get soup in) because:
they can be washed and reused hundreds of times
they keep all of your food in a watertight environment
they are really light
oh, and all the lids fit all of the containers…THANK GOODNESS!
Three: Pack parchment paper for easy cleanup!
Use a piece of parchment or waxed paper on top of your board if you’re going to a remote location. This makes cleanup really easy so you’re not hiking back to your car with a honey-soaked board. Simply toss the messy parchment paper into your trash sack.
Speaking of honey, we love those little honey sticks you can get at the farmer’s market for picnics! You can just bite them open and squeeze the honey onto your perfect bite!
Four: Always pack a sack for trash!
Don’t forget to bring a small garbage bag. Grocery sacks and gallon-sized Ziplocs work great. It’s important to leave the beautiful spot you visited the way you found it. Leave no trace! When you’re ready to pack up, toss your leftover scraps in your garbage bag and tuck it into your picnic backpack or cooler.
Five: A cooler isn’t a necessity!
If you’re not going far, no need to bring a cooler. But, if you’re planning a hike on a hot summer day you’ll want to pack your cooler or picnic backpack like this order:
always place ice or ice packs on the bottom
meats and cheeses go on top of the ice
next place your fruits, olives, and honey
finally, set your crackers and/or bread on top so they don’t get crushed
Six: Cocktails are always a good idea!
Packing a bottle of wine, champagne or cocktail is never a bad idea! Cocktails keep really well in an insulated water bottle — think a Hydro Flask or YETI! For summertime, we love a simple Arnold Palmer with bourbon, instead of the traditional vodka. It’s sweet, refreshing and can be made with store-bought lemonade and iced tea. Our signature version of this has a splash of pineapple juice too.
For more fun charcuterie tips and inspiration, check out Sugar Mountain Catering’s Instagram page. And, if you and your love head out for a charcuterie picnic adventure be sure to tag us at @RockyMtnBride!
Venue: Asterisk Denver Catering + Styling: Sugar Mountain Catering Photographer: Meredith Soy Photography Charcuterie Boards: The Anders Collective
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