How To Choose The Best Veil For Your Dress

April 12, 2022
How To Choose The Best Veil For Your Dress

Veil: Bride’s Mother | Photographer: Jessica’s Photography

You’ve found your dress and now it’s time to accessorize! One of our favorite ways to up the ante on your wedding day is to add a veil. It can completely transform your look and bring the drama or it can be a soft accent to you and your dress. There are so many options out there, that it can sometimes be confusing to know which veil is best going to complete your look.

We’re here to help you make a little more sense of what veil might be for you. First, it’s important to know the general lengths and terms for each veil. This sketch shows you where each length of veil hits on the body and what most designers call each length of veil.

We’ve gathered examples of each length of veil. The measurements given for each are general measurements. Every designer does things a little differently so if you’re buying online you’ll want to check the measurements in the descriptions. Also know that veils are not one size fits every height. For example, a 60″ veil is going to hit a little differently on a bride who is 5’4″ versus a bride who is 5’10” so keep that in mind when ordering! You’ll also want to have an idea of how you want to wear your hair and where you want to wear the veil in your hair. This all makes a difference in where the veil will hit on your body and dress.

Birdcage Veil

This veil is generally made from french netting or can be made from tulle as well. It usually sits over your forehead, eyes, and nose but sometimes will extend to the jawline. This style of veil is usually attached to multiple small combs or to a headband like the veil below.

Veil: Jennifer Behr

Flyway Veil 

This veil length is usually about 16″ and is generally very dainty. The flyaway veil has a very vintage feel and can be worn over your face as a blusher or over your hair.

Veil: Jane Rhyan | Photographer: Meghan Hemstra Photography

Shoulder Veil

This veil length is about 20″ long and as the name suggests, sits right at your shoulder. The shoulder length veil is a great option for a blusher that won’t cover your bouquet or much of your dress. It also has a very vintage feel, especially with the added bow like this veil.

Veil: Untamed Petals

Elbow Veil 

The elbow-length veil is about 25″ and if worn as a blusher hits about mid rib cage or if worn over your hair it’s about elbow length. This length looks fabulous with a shorter dress, a bridal suit, or a strapless dress as it generally hits at the top of your dress.

Veil: The After White | Photographer: Justine Milton Photography 

Waist Veil 

The waist-length veil is the most popular length when a bride chooses to wear a blusher. At 30″ it is long enough to cover your bouquet as you walk down the aisle. This length of veil is ideal for an outdoor wedding. It allows you to have that romantic look but for the most part, it stays put if it gets a little windy! It is also a great option for a shorter dress or fuller gowns like an A-line, as it works well with proportions.

Veil: The Brides’ Shop | Photographer: Jessa E Photographs

Hip Veil 

At 40″ the hip-length veil is a great option for the bride who really wants to showcase the train of her dress. It generally looks best with more figure-hugging gowns as it continues to draw the eye downward. When paired with a fuller gown it tends to interrupt the flow of your dress, not showing it off as well as another length of veil might! It is also a very romantic and dramatic blusher length.

Veil: Cande Bridal Boutique | Photographer: Alexandra Kurta Photography

Knee Veil 

The knee-length veil, also known as the waltz veil, is typically 60″ in length. This veil is a very romantic option for the bride who doesn’t want a super long veil but still wants some drama! This length of veil pairs well with both fitted gowns and fuller gowns. Because of its length, it tends to highlight your gorgeous shape!

Veil: Sottero and Midgley | Photographer: Ashlyn French Photography

Floor Veil 

At 75″, the floor-length veil on most brides skims the ground or sits nicely on the floor without making a big veil train behind you. This veil length is great for a dress that has a longer train that doesn’t have a lot of detailing as the veil will sit or sometimes pool on top of it.

Veil: Stesha Ho | Photographer: Maricle Kang

Chapel Veil 

This 90″ to 100″ length veil has drama without being super long. The chapel length veil works great with dresses that have no train or a very small train, creating a long line and showcasing the dress in all its beauty.

Veil: Daphne Newman Designs 

Cathedral Veil 

At usually 120″ or longer the Cathedral length veil brings the drama! Generally, this veil length will exceed the length of your train. This length allows your dress and train to be showcased in all its glory. Think of it almost like a frame of you and your dress.

Veil: Joanna Delaney | Photographer: Samba Joy

Once you’ve decided on a length there are many different shapes of veils and embellishments that you can choose from! Bridal fashion is so much fun right now because anything goes! There are no rules you have to follow, if you love it and feel gorgeous, it’s the veil and the look for you!

Here are some looks and veils we are currently loving!

Veil: Sara Gabriel | Photographer: Sharon Litchfield

Veil: Jane Rhyan | Photographer: Meghan Hemstra Photography

Veil: Martina Liana  | Photographer: Willow and Wolf

Veil: Daphne Newman Designs

Veil: Jennifer Behr 

Veil: Untamed Petals 

Accessorizing your dress with a veil can be so much fun and you don’t have to stick to just one look! Want the drama of a cathedral length veil with a blusher when you walk down the aisle but looking for a more fun and flirty look for photos? Do both! Remember, there are no rules! It’s about what makes you feel like the most beautiful girl in the room on that day!

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