How to Book a Hotel Block for Your Wedding

July 22, 2021
How to Book a Hotel Block for Your Wedding

At Elovaire, they understand that searching for a hotel for your wedding weekend can be a daunting task! Elovaire takes the burden of finding hotel rooms for you and your guests off your hands. Your dedicated Wedding Accommodations Specialist will contact multiple hotels based on your preferences and guide you through the entire hotel blocking process. The service is 100% free, no hidden fees or strings attached! Elovaire will find the perfect hotel for you and your wedding guests at no cost, so get started now!

What is a Hotel Room Block?

A Hotel Block is a designated number of rooms, typically 10 or more that are set aside at a hotel and held for guests within a specific group or wedding party. The nightly rate for these rooms are usually discounted from the standard rates. Typically, the couple or their wedding planner is in charge of reserving the block at a fixed rate, while the guests are then responsible for booking and paying for their individual rooms separately.

Why Do I Need a Hotel Block?

If you have guests that are traveling from out-of-town for your special day, you will need a room block. A crucial part of a great wedding experience for any guest is a comfortable, convenient place to rest their head at the end of the night. Elovaire works with the hotels on your behalf to provide you with the best discounts and concessions.

Why Use Elovaire? Can’t I just reach out to the hotels on my own?

When you choose Elovaire to assist in your hotel search, you get the full buying power of Elovaire behind you. Not to mention, they are connected heavily within the industry. Due to this, hotels prefer Elovaire and their business, this helps you get the best rates and availability. Finally, that buying power means that Elovaire can negotiate contract terms that fit your needs as well as competitive rates and concessions.

Do I Have to Sign a Contract? What are My Options?

Contracts can be intimidating and the Elovaire team will make sure you are comfortable when it comes time to lock in the rooms. Hotels usually offer two types of contracts depending on how many rooms you need. When you sign a Courtesy Contract, you are not held financially obligated if you do not book the rooms that you blocked. Standard Contracts usually require you to book a ‘minimum’ amount of rooms and the contracts usually have an attrition clause.

How Do I Book the Rooms once I have a Block?

Elovaire will work with the hotels to make booking hotel rooms under your block seamless. Hotels usually provide a customized link, code, or phone number you can send to your guests to reserve the rooms and get the discounted rate.

When Should I Start My Hotel Search?

As soon as you’ve locked in your wedding venue and date. We recommend connecting with Elovaire as early as possible to book your hotel room blocks, not only will this secure the lowest rates possible for your guests, but it will also allow guests to make travel plans as soon as they receive their Save-the-Dates.

How Many Rooms Should I Reserve?

We recommend estimating the total out of town guests attending your wedding and use half that number as a guide for how many rooms to reserve for the wedding. you should also consider the total number of nights you’ll need: are guests coming in for the rehearsal dinner or are they coming in the night of your wedding.

How Do I Let My Guests Know about the Hotel Block?

We recommend including the information on your wedding websites, save-the-dates, and encourage you to include an accommodations card with your wedding invitation.

How Does Payment Work for Hotel Blocks?

Elovaire will make sure payment options are outlined in the contract and fit your needs. Your guests can reserve the rooms with their own payment method or you can create a master account to pay for room charges.

How is this Free?

There is literally no catch! We’ve partnered with Elovaire to help take away some of the stress of wedding planning. Their experts will help you find the best deals for your guests, saving you time and money. So how does this work exactly: Elovaire is paid by the hotels they work with. Usually, hotels must go out and look for their business, since Elovaire brings them your business, they save time and money. In return, the hotels pay Elovaire a placement fee. Don’t worry, this placement fee does not raise your rate.

How Does the Process Work?

Each wedding couple will have a dedicated specialist assigned to them from start to finish. From there, Elovaire will find out your hotel needs, contact hotels on your behalf, provide you and your fiancé with options for hotel blocks, negotiate the contracts on your behalf, confirm hotel block with the hotel, and provide instructions for reserving rooms. It’s truly as easy as 1, 2, 3!

To learn more about Hotel Wedding Blocks + Accommodations with Elovaire, check out their website here! Or, ">email Seth to help find the perfect hotel for you and your wedding guests!

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