Love Story

So as cheesy as it sounds, I knew I loved him the first time I saw him. It was at a rodeo, and we were on opposite sides of the arena. The dust settled and I saw this handsome guy straight across the arena from me sitting in the front row. I just had to get a better look so I rounded up my girlfriends and marched all of us over to the other side. I didn't actually have a plan for what I was going to say and was a little too chicken to do anything, so my friends and I just stood in front of the row he was sitting in, for a good two hours while I occasionally turned around to stare at him. I was a total creeper about it. I had no idea, but his ENTIRE family was sitting in the front row with him and they all knew what was going on. So the rodeo is ending, I still haven't said anything and he's getting up to leave. My friends were telling me to say something but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. He walked down the stairs and went straight past me. Knowing I missed my chance, I started to walk back to my group, kicking myself for not saying anything. Then his mom grabbed him by the back of the shirt, spun him around and yelled: " orange shirt, come here." I was a little timid and embarrassed walking over because for all I knew, I was about to get chewed out by his girlfriend for staring at him for two hours. But instead, she introduced him as her son and I said the first thing that came to my mind. "I'm Jess and you're really cute." Not my best line, but four years later, he's my fiancé. And we've never missed that rodeo.

~ Bride, Jessica


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