Love Story

We have had the privilege of traveling the world: visiting new (to us) countries and learning about cultures and lifestyles has been influential to our relationship and marriage. Though we have had the great opportunity to explore, the Rockies have always resoundingly called us home. 

The Rocky Mountains are where we met, where we fell in love, where Jake proposed, and finally, where we were married! Incorporating elements and traditions we’ve picked up through our life and travels while paying homage to the mountains we love was the formula for our perfect wedding. 

We spent the day surrounded by towering pines, boisterous laughter, lively music and love from the greatest people we know. Our favorite part of the incredible day was the opportunity to enjoy the company of the friends and family who gathered to celebrate our future. Our advice to couples planning a wedding is to relax, laugh and dance until the music ends!

~ Couple, Kayla & Jacob


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