Golden Hour Boulder Engagement Session

October 13, 2019
Golden Hour Boulder Engagement Session

Boulder Engagement

It all started when we were teaching and working together at a boarding school in Connecticut. Kerry came over to my apartment to watch “Are You Afraid of the Dark” as a throwback show bringing two 90’s kids together. We were excited to spend time with one another that wasn’t work-related but when we started dating and didn’t want the students to know right away so we had to “sneak around” a little bit to keep the kids from figuring out we were dating right away. Going to each other’s apartments was like a secret ops mission: Our texts were like: “All clear…no, no…student don’t go…okay he’s gone…GO NOW!” It was definitely an awkward place to have a blossoming romance.

We spent a lot of time supporting each other through our graduate-school work while working full time. We met each other at a very stressful time, and I think we felt so lucky to have a teammate in that. To describe us, I’d say that Kerry is a cat and Matt is a dog. Matt is much more affable and willing to play and have fun wherever and whenever. Kerry can be both, “I want my alone time and I want to snuggle. Although I wish I slept like a cat.”

A few years ago, we moved to Boulder, CO and now spend as much time as possible road tripping and enjoying the outdoors. Last summer we did a big Western trip stopping throughout Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Wyoming and camped most nights under the stars. The Redwood Forests were magical there aren’t many words to describe what you feel when you’re looking up at trees that are as old as time and you realize the odds of being here are so small and with someone you have so much love for, that is even rarer.

We got engaged on a hike together in Colorado. Kerry didn’t realize what was happening until I got down on one knee and took out the ring. She was in shock for a good while even after I asked her the question – similar to what happened when her parents surprised her with a puppy when she was little and didn’t believe them immediately.

We are planning an intimate wedding in St. John and we are just excited to be together and honor those who have been our biggest supports over the years. We’re dreaming of a honeymoon in Japan since that was one of the first things we really bonded over and neither of us has been there yet. We love to travel and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. But we’re both pretty bad planners, so the future is a little bit up in the air but we have hopes to adopt some animals and continue taking cross country road trips. All-in-all, we agree that as long as we are committed to each other, the rest will fall into place.

– The Bride and Groom to Be, Matt and Kerry

Photographer: Apollo Fields
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