Foggy Calgary Engagement

December 16, 2018
Foggy Calgary Engagement

Calgary Engagement

Andrew’s Point of View

“I wanted to propose to Helen for some time, but struggled to get away unsuspicious to buy the ring. When I got the opportunity to take a course in downtown Calgary for 2 days. The day before I proposed, I knew this was my opportunity to buy the ring. Instead of buying just a one-way pass on the LRT to the course, I purchased a day pass. When I got home that evening, I decided to complain to Helen about how I accidentally bought a day pass and how I was going to take the LRT to the mall to make my value. It was at this moment, I knew I had the slim window to get the ring and knew exactly which one to get (with some approval from her sisters of course!). When I returned home later in the evening, Helen noticed that I bought something and quickly asked ‘What’s that!?!?’ (as she normally does!). I quickly responded that it was a Christmas gift and proceeded to hide it. After I had hid the ring, and knowing that I was flying to Stellarton that weekend, Helen says ‘You know, when you’re gone I’m going to clean the spare bedroom’. It was at that moment I knew that regardless of where I hid it, she was going to find it as she cleaned when I was gone. I knew I had to act quick!

The next day, my course ended 3 hours early. As I came home on the LRT, I was working through my head how I was going to propose – when I realized tonight is the night! By the time I got home, I was kind of tired (the course was boring …) so decided to set up the proposal plan. Knowing Helen was going to be baking when she got home from work I hid the ring amongst her baking supplies and left little notes directing her through the apartment to the cupboard. I looked at the clock and noticed Helen wouldn’t be home for another hour so decided to take a catnap. Well, for those who know me – a cat nap can easily turn into a 2-3 hour snooze fest. This time it did! I woke in a frantic, sure to find Helen admiring her ring already but she was nowhere to be found. Being the ‘nervous nancy’ I am – my head immediately jumped to conclusions and started looking for accident reports on Deerfoot Trail when I could reach her on her phone. Finally, she calls me back and says – ‘Hey I was at the gym and now at the bulk barn’. My nervousness didn’t calm, instead they intensified albeit now because I was t-minus 5 minutes from proposing. Helen finally gets home, looking swell as always, follows the notes and when she reaches in the cupboard she turns around and I am on one knee proposing to the love of my life.”

Photographer: Riana Lisbeth
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