With all the beautiful work being created for weddings, we thought it would be fun to photograph a series documenting the creativity, masterful craft and hard work that goes on behind the scenes. We met Carolyn from Ribbon & Twine at a Denver Expo, and we knew her work would be a perfect subject.

~ Longmont Wedding Photographer, Pinkerton Picture Co.

A little Q & A with Carolyn of Ribbon & Twine Floral

When it comes to wedding flowers the possibilities are endless. Collaborating with Pinkerton Picture Co was such a fun way to showcase the creative process and let brides-to-be get an inside look at what goes into making a bridal bouquet.

How do you select the flowers that will go into the arrangement? Choosing your flowers is the most fun part of the design process. I chose these bright colors and unique flowers because I wanted to embody spring. Using local, seasonal flowers is always your best bet. But remember not to limit yourself, think outside of the box! Pinterest is a great way to get inspiration but you don't have to choose your flowers or colors just because it is 'trending', go with what you love and your florist will help you make your vision come to life.

What flowers are you using to create this bouquet?

Foliage: Agonis, Gunnii Eucalyptus, Italian Ruscus

Flowers: Salmon Ranunculus, Coral Charm Peony, White Sweet Pea, Pink Ranunculus, Majolica Spray Rose, Japanese Andromeda, Patience Garden Rose

On using a mirror  One of the best tips I got when I first started getting serious about wedding design was using a mirror to make the bridal bouquet. This way I am able to hold the bouquet where the bride will hold it and use the mirror to see what it will look like from an outside perspective.

On common misconceptions I think people really underestimate the amount of work that goes into designing a bouquet. It is such an important part of the brides overall look and we take it very seriously. From choosing the perfect flowers and foliage, cleaning them and prepping them to ensure they last the entirety of your special day, to the actual design and unique ribbon and accents, a good florist puts a lot of thought into every detail.

The most important information that a client can provide  I like to understand the overall feel and style a bride is going for. Once we capture their style I feel like together we can dream up something beautiful and everything falls into place.

What is your Favorite part of the process?  Hands down my favorite part of the process is giving the bride her bouquet on the day of her wedding. Her excitement is always contagious!

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