Wedding Camping

Brian and Hannah's number one priority for their wedding was to enjoy as much time as possible with their family and friends. They decided the best way to do that was to have their wedding at the Spruce Lodge right on Flathead Lake where they could spend time with their guests jumping off the dock, canoeing around the lake, enjoying meals, and relaxing.

The showstopper as their cake that traveled all the way from Blue Box Bakery in Washington. The cake was a beautiful blue watercolor to go along with Flathead Lake with elegant touches of gold. 

To continue with the camp theme, they chose to have wildflower flowers, pinecones, and pine needles grown and collected by family showcased on their reception tables. Their table names were carefully named after inside jokes the bride and groom had with their guests.  

~ Montana Wedding Planners, Champagne + Linen


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