Get Ready to Find your Dream Wedding Dress at Casa Bianca Bridal’s New Boutique in Downtown Littleton

May 29, 2023
Get Ready to Find your Dream Wedding Dress at Casa Bianca Bridal’s New Boutique in Downtown Littleton

Featured Photo: Delaney Morrow Photography

Casa Bianca Bridal Boutique
2679 West Main Street, Suite 150
Littleton, Colorado

Casa Bianca Bridal is a boutique in walkable downtown Littleton – and while they’re about to celebrate their 6 year anniversary in August – the shop feels brand new again!  The owner, Sheri Kaiser, opened her dream shop 6 years ago and just re-opened her even-bigger dream shop.  The boutique has a new location (still in historic downtown) with a bit more space to accommodate more private appointments for brides.  Casa Bianca Bridal provides a VIP to every bride which means no booking fees and free refreshments – including your choice of champagne (rose, regular, and mimosas!) – at every appointment.  The shop also recently added 2 new designers – La Premiere (highly detailed and elaborate designs) and Mikaella by Paloma Blanca (very sleek, classic and clean styling) – so even if you’ve been in before, this is your sign to make an appointment at the new storefront. We are so excited for Sheri & the exciting new things happening over at Casa Bianca Bridal, so we conducted a little Q&A with her to tell you, Rocky Mountain Brides, a little more about the boutique, and a little more about finding your dream dress.  Happy shopping!

Delaney Morrow Photography

Q&A with the Owner

Q: What is your favorite part about working in the wedding fashion industry? 

A: To be honest it has always been more about working with women than the gowns themselves.  It is so fun to pick out the gowns we are going to carry in the hopes that brides love them too.  That being said, I absolutely love working with women.  I think we are very tough on ourselves and customer service has been less than amazing in recent years.  I am adamant that brides feel special and honor themselves.  They deserve to be treated beautifully and with the utmost respect and that is our goal.  When we say “every bride is a VIP”, we truly mean it and it does not matter what the budget may be.

Q: In your opinion, what’s the best part about the new store? 

A: Since I opened the boutique in 2017, the private appointment concept has worked for us and the brides love it.  That being said, we turned away 150 brides in 2021 because of no appointment availability.  The new space has 2 separate sides so now we can see double the brides on the weekend, while still maintaining the private appointment space so that the brides are not sharing the boutique with anyone else.  I also absolutely love the design of the new space – we get so many compliments on the navy blue walls and it really makes the gowns pop (another boutique that I shall not name even stole the concept and has matching wallpaper too – sincere flattery I guess and show that the design works!). Also, having a homey environment has been very important to us, so we still have a kitchen in the space so that we can serve refreshments and brides can bring in snacks if they would like!

Q: Do you have a favorite gown or designer of all time?

A: This is a tough one for me because I am very particular on the designers we work with and have discontinued relationships with very well known designers due to lack of service or not following through on contracts.  Moonlight Bridal has been our primary designer since we opened our doors and their service and partnership is the one I see as the standard for us.  They are truly remarkable to work with and are always there for me and our brides.  We recently added Paloma Blanca and La Premiere and we are super excited to have them.  The brides are loving their designs, so we are excited to continue our relationship with both of them.

Mikaella by Paloma Blanca

Q: How far in advance do you recommend brides to start looking for their gown? 

A: I think a year is a great idea if you have the time to do it.  That being said, if you shop 6 months before, you will still be in good shape to get a gown made for you.  There is rush shipping available with all of our designers and we can get gowns in 8 to 12 weeks with that rush (but it can be stressful).  The seamstresses really like to have at least 8 to 12 weeks to work on your gown once it arrives so the more time we have the better.  Many stores will tell brides it takes 9 months to get gowns in.  That is not my experience at all, so I am not sure if this is a sales tactic, but the longest I have seen a gown take is 6 months and that is pretty rare.

Q: What’s your favorite local spot to walk to from your store?!

A: I love everything in Downtown Littleton, so this is a tough one!  All of the restaurants are fantastic (Cafe Terracotta and Palenque are 2 of my favorites).  The women owned shops like Rooted Boutique and Giggleblossom are some of my favorite local shops.  I think one of the most amazing and unique places to walk to is iN-TEA.

Q: Any sage advice you have to help brides find the perfect gown for them?

A: Make sure you bring a supportive group with you.  Groups that are not supportive or that do not listen to what the bride wants can cause confusion and make it very hard on the bride. If you know you have tough opinions in your group, sometimes it is best to shop alone first and pick some things you know you like and then bring a bigger group back for a 2nd appointment.   If you are indecisive, plan on having at least 2 appointments so you can retry your favorites.  Do not be pressured into your wedding gown, it must feel right and don’t let the opinions of others sway your decision.  Don’t overshop.  Once you find a gown you love, stop shopping.  You have to wear the gown all day and look back at your pictures the rest of your life and YOU have to love it.  Come with an open mind as you may be surprised with what you may like.  The stylists are experts in helping to show you what is possible and finding you the perfect gown based on your feedback and thoughts in each gown.  Let our stylists do the work to help you!

Christina Ney Photography

Good luck shopping for your dream dress, Rocky Mountain Brides!  If you’re local to Colorado (or visiting!) we hope you get a chance to visit Casa Bianca Bridal Boutique for their 6 year anniversary to see the new space and gowns.  Take your best girls to your bridal appointment, sip on a mimosa while you get the VIP experience, then walk over to one of Sheri’s favorite spots to grab brunch in historic downtown Littleton.  If you need some wedding dress inspo before shopping, check out our blog 5 Wedding Dress Trends for 2023!

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