Love Story

In many ways, a hike is like falling in love. You travel great distances. Some over mountains, some through valleys. Sometimes the sun is shining and sometimes it's raining. Your feet blister. You get tired. You may even lose the trail. Each hike brings its own challenges and accomplishments. And with every mile, you learn to rely on each other, to lift each other up. You figure out there is no one else you would rather be on this journey with.

Adam and I took our first hike together a few years ago on a September day in the San Juan Mountains. That hike was the start of a love bigger than the Rocky Mountains themselves. 

We wanted a wedding that was true to us and symbolic of our love for each other. We chose to have our ceremony near the trailhead where we took that first hike. We chose to have our ceremony right where we fell in love. Every detail of the wedding incorporated something special to us -the vows we wrote to each other, the songs my cousin played at the ceremony, our dog partaking as the ring bearer, and our favorite local chocolate shared with each guest.

The day of the wedding, it poured rain into the early afternoon. They say it's good luck for it to rain on your wedding day, but ask a bride planning an outdoor wedding without a backup plan how she feels about that old wives' tale. The wedding planner insisted on moving the ceremony into the tent at the reception site, but I was convinced it would clear up. AND IT DID. The rain stopped, the clouds parted, and the sun glowed on the yellow aspens and snowcapped mountains right as the song "Here Comes the Sun" was being strummed on the guitar.

~ Beautiful Bride, Rande

Rande + Adam || The Teaser from Basecamp Visual on Vimeo.


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