How We Met

From the Bride

"John and I were both in the Air Force stationed at Sembach, Germany in 2004. We had both been randomly picked to clean the dorms for a week, and that's when the magic started. While we cleaned toilets and ovens we laughed the days away, and on Friday afternoon he asked me if I'd like to go out. Of course, I said yes. Almost a year later, with very little money, we got married, German courthouse style. Our photographer was just a friend practicing, and after a few photos in the park, we had pizza and beer with our friends. Ten years later, more in love and stronger than we ever imagined, we have two beautiful children and a life I consider blessed. Since our wedding day photos were nothing fancy, I asked my husband for two things on our anniversary: to visit the Redwoods, and to have professional photos taken. He said yes.I had already known Brie for a while. We live in the same town and she is a fellow photographer who has always shown me kindness, and who also happens to be insanely talented. I knew it had to be her, and she didn't let me down. She talked me through my dress choice, shoe choice, and even pointed me towards Kara at Just So. Event Floral. I showed Kara an image of a bouquet I loved, and told her she could add whatever she wanted but I needed just one thing: eucalyptus. My mother passed away very suddenly seventeen months after we got married, and her favorite thing to have in the house was always eucalyptus. Kara added the eucalyptus and even, without me knowing, added a hint of purple, which was my mother's favorite color. So there I was with the man that had my heart and soul smelling the eucalyptus, and basking in the joy of knowing she was there too. The day was an absolute dream and a perfect celebration of our marriage. These aren't just simple photos, they are a representation of humble beginnings and a love that doesn't give up and I will treasure them forever."

Florals: Just So. Event Floral // Photography: Brie Thomason Photography

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