Eleven Stylish Details to Add to Your Modern Boho Wedding

September 13, 2022
Eleven Stylish Details to Add to Your Modern Boho Wedding

A wedding is all about the details. When thinking back on past celebrations you’ve attended, what stands out? Chances are, those with thoughtful little details are the most memorable, whether they did something different in their ceremony or details and decorations broke typical wedding barriers.

There’s been a resurgence in modern boho weddings, and we love it! Couples are going beyond the ordinary realm and creating an experience unique to their individual love story. Modern boho weddings are fun, quirky, thoughtful, and elegant, without any stipulations on what they should be. It’s all about looking at your wedding day as a blank canvas and creating a piece of art to celebrate love with those who mean the most.

One of the most significant barriers for couples dreaming of a modern boho wedding is deciding how to incorporate the details without spending hours shopping and scouring antique and vintage shops. Rental companies, such as Kith and Kin, specialize in boho and vintage furniture & details that couples can easily include on their wedding day. We selected some of their top inventory that couples looking for this effortlessly beautiful setting can incorporate and rent.

1. A double peacock chair with lush house plants and greenery

The double peacock chair is an iconic statement piece that deserves to be a centerpiece, whether during photos or at your reception. The unique design allows you and your spouse to sit together and enjoy all the special and intimate moments during your wedding. Many couples opt to include the double peacock chair at their head table or tucked away in a quiet corner for others to enjoy. No matter what you decide with this statement piece, it’s sure to be a showstopper!  

2. Head Busts 

This contemporary and chic element can turn a boho wedding into a modern boho dream with a few simple details. Head bust planters aren’t something that needs to be placed all over the ceremony and reception venue; adding a few thoughtful head busts is all that is needed to bring your elegant & boho vibe to the next level.

3. Whiskey lounge with decanters

Who doesn’t love a stunning whiskey decanter? Similar to the head busts, there is no need to go over-the-top with this detail, but the one simple element added to your space can completely alter the feel and mood. It’s classy, vintage, and modern, all at the same time.

4. Mix matched goblets or pair vintage stemware with modern pieces

Goblets, stemware, and champagne chutes, oh my! Contrary to popular belief, wedding details don’t have to be uniform, especially when it’s a modern boho wedding! Funky, fun elements that bring personality and style to the forefront of your wedding or elopement are all the rage in 2022.

5. Low boho picnic table

The low boho picnic table is always a winner, perfect for a secret desert elopement or intimate backyard wedding. It’s a calming, welcoming, and fun element that brings a sense of home to a space. Many choose to add a rug underneath and hang out with friends and family barefoot, enjoying sweet treats and toasts all night long.

6. Chess (not cornhole!)

Corn hole took the wedding industry by storm when it was initially introduced, but nowadays, it tends to be overused and underutilized. Guests like to see something fun and unique at a wedding, which is why we love adding a game element that is a little different, such as chess. Better yet, don’t feel overwhelmed about buying a human-sized chess setup. A small one will do just fine!

7. Mix antique and modern furniture

Thoughtful antique details have come back recently, and we’re all about it! Couples can take their unique personalities and styles and create something that has never been done before. Pairing vintage couches with mid-century chairs, antique lights with modern lanterns, and peacock chairs with dated lamps are just a few ideas to bring to life. The possibilities are endless!

8. Custom hand lettering on vintage signage with witty details

Custom hand lettering is a popular detail in weddings, but adding the extra vintage element takes it to a new level. Antique mirrors are beautiful and create the perfect canvas for this addition to your wedding. They can be used as welcome signs, seating charts, bar signs, and more!

9. Marble, calligraphy, wax seals

Calligraphy and wax seals are especially elegant and pair well with modern boho weddings. Some couples opt to incorporate marble & calligraphy in one or two thoughtful places, while others build custom name placements for each guest. Whatever you decide, there is no wrong choice!

10. Watercolor details

Watercolor is a fun way to add small colorful details to your modern boho wedding. There are plenty of ways to do this, from name place cards & food details to placing watercolor art around the venue for all to enjoy. Some couples even opt to get a watercolor portrait done during their wedding to capture the special moment and share it with future generations.

11. Cowhide or vintage rug

An authentic cowhide rug is one of the coolest elements that can perfectly accent modern boho weddings, whether you decide to get married deep in the forest or out among the red rocks. Not only is the piece a stunner for wedding photos, but it creates the perfect tie between boho and western for a modern wedding.

If you are interested in renting any of the items featured in the piece, you can contact Kith and Kin here.

Venue: Willow Creek Idaho | Florist: Wildwood Flowers | Photographer: SS Photography Design | Photographer (watercolor image): Availeth Photography


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