Inspiration behind the shoot...

From the Photographer: When thinking of putting this styled shoot together I wanted to inspire!  Something a bit more modern but with classic beauty.  A peach gown, a sexy suit, potted plants in a modern space.  But more importantly I wanted brides to actually see and relive real moments: the love in in their eyes, the hugs and of course the laughs. So a real couple was key in putting this together! 

From the Venue: Azuridge Estate Hotel is an exclusive and private Estate Hotel nestled in the foothills of the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains. The breathtaking natural vistas provide the scenic canvas where new beginnings become magical memories. No matter how intimate or lavish, casual or elegant, you and your guests are cared for in refined and luxurious accommodations and your stage is unrivaled by any other location. The Azuridge Butler takes pride in delivering personal service, naturally. These dedicated individuals realize your preferences are what matter. While in residence your butlers will ensure that your Azuridge Experience is outstanding. Each wedding is paired with an Azuridge Butler who steams the dress, polishes shoes and serves mimosas as needed. They can also help the wedding couple execute surprises for one another. Just another special Azu ridge touch.

The design of Azuridge was inspired by the historic architecture of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s Rocky Mountain train stations. An earthy blend of indigenous Rundle rock and timber beam construction echoes the majesty of the nearby mountains, and confident use of texture and architectural detailing has created environments that are both welcoming and dramatic. Each structure sits aside a sweeping stone wall that encircles the property, linking them to the heart of the estate and the soul of entertaining and gracious hospitality, the kitchen of Sapphire Hall.

The name “Azuridge” is inspired by Alberta’s brilliant blue skies, they were drawn to the word “Azure,” referencing the mineral Azurite known for its stunning blue/green colour. The “ridge” component was added because Azuridge is situated on a ridge to have maximum view of the Alberta foothills. Azurite mineral is also known as the “stone of heaven,” which captures its unique qualities of “Azuridge.”

From the Planner: The design was created by Mountain Bride and was inspired by the birch groves, green foliage, and slate rock work around the Azuridge Estate property. I love working with greenery and decided to scour the greenhouses for a new take on foliage. Using live plants is gorgeous, cost effective, and the plants can be used after the wedding in your home or garden. I found baskets of vibrant grasses that overflowed the containers, spilling over  the edge and sides of the table. The vibrant green looked fantastic in the grey reception space. For the details I used rose gold, pops of black, and birch for the accents. The rose gold lanterns and table numbers from Gathered Table Supply are delicate and elegant. They brought in a different unique shape onto the table. The personalized menus were created by Modern Pulp and brought a soft feminine feel with the watercolor peonies. The combination of a menu and place card with the guests name on it along with their specific meal choice looks elegant and makes your guests feel very cared for.


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