Wedding Inspiration

As fond as I am of bright, light, elaborate weddings, I am even fonder of those that classify as minimal and simple. Which is why I decided to sidestep the frilly, feminine trappings of traditional weddings and really focus on creating a shoot with a vibe that is both edgy and whimsical, and that emphasizes intimacy, freedom of the human body and the rugged beauty of the mountains right out my back door. 

From the moment I began to visualize this shoot that I dubbed "Fate + Time," I felt that juxtaposition was the underlying theme. Maybe that comes from how I perceive myself - outwardly calm, traditional, outgoing and confident; inwardly chaotic, unusual, introverted and hesitant. The details in this shoot are similarly contrasting, from the natural, neutral bouquet with driftwood elements to the milky lace and natural pearls adorning a beautifully inked bride.  

I actually came up with the entire concept before I even had models lined up. Then when Bree (of Breeze Photography) scouted out Meghan and Shaun, I instantly knew this shoot would go down as my favourite work ever. 

It's an alternative kind of inspiration, isn't it? How would I describe the result? "Transcendence."

~ Calgary Wedding Planner, Posey Lane Weddings


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