Love Story

Anthony and I met about 5 years ago through mutual friends. More than anything we were just acquaintances, but with a slight interest in one another. Life took Anthony to Georgia where he lived for a few years. Throughout this time, he was always on my heart and mind. This was probably because Anthony's best friend was a good friend of mine, and was always a stellar wingman. We stayed connected over the years and a crush formed over time. We officially started pursuing dating at the end of 2016, even though we were states away. Anthony ended up moving back to Texas in May. Even though we had only been dating around 6 months, we knew this was it and we wanted to be together. He took me on a roof top in Dallas with roses and candles surrounding us and proposed at sunset with our closest family and friends. A few months later, we tied the knot on a snowy day in Breckenridge, Colorado.

~ Bride, Colbi


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