Wedding Day

This wedding was an absolute dream to photograph and I think once you see the photos you will understand why. Tyson and Kaci Hiebert's wedding was on July 22, 2017 in Westcliffe, CO at the Historic Pines Ranch. This couple is from Oklahoma but always had a love for the mountains. They would visit them every year so it only made sense to have their wedding where they had so much joy. Around 150 guests traveled to attend this event. 38 family members and guests were able to stay at the ranch where there were cabins and housing. They spent their togetherness time preparing for the wedding. Kaci's aunt made all the cakes and desserts. Her dad did the catering and other family helped with the floral arrangements. When the day came everything was absolutely perfect. Even the beautiful overcast weather which didn't have a drop a rain, even though the day before had plenty of showers! Tyson and Kaci are such a sweet couple and I am so happy they had such a wonderful day to start off their marriage. 

~ Destination Wedding Photographer, Hope Photography 


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