Idaho Elopement Inspiration

I am a sun baby through and through and grew up exploring the Owyhee Desert as a child being an Idaho Native. I've always thought that the Owyhee's were just one of those untouched magical places that no one knows about and is seriously under-loved. One night when I couldn't sleep, I was playing on google maps and this location I had never heard about in the Owyhee's popped up, Shoofly Oolite. With a name like that, I had to dig a little deeper. When I saw the crazy oolite rock formations, I just knew I HAD to photograph there. I quickly put out a call for an Idaho Based event planner and Sara is the one who reached out. From there, all the vendors fell into place. We were all so excited to play with a new landscape and just be inspired by the colors out there. It's the perfect space for an adventurous Idahoan bride to get eloped or married.

- Idaho Wedding Photographer, Heather Woolery Photography


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