How He Asked

From the Bride-to-be

As embarrassing as it sounds, he first saw me on Tinder. He didn't want to take the chance that I may not swipe right,' so he took matters into his own hands and looked for me on Facebook. He messaged me right away, told me I was beautiful, and then took his sweet time (24 hours) to ask me out. After three dates in a row, Cyler left to Germany for 2 weeks and we skyped the whole time. When he got back, we were together!

On the day of the proposal, Cyler had dozens of people texting me throughout the day to tell me sweet things that he loves about me. (I thought he was making up for our little fight we had the night before). I was waitressing at the time, and I went to work that night around 4 and was not scheduled to leave until 10 pm. Cyler texted me while I was tipping out for the night and informed me his parents had locked their keys in the car and he wanted me to drive down with him to pick up their spare key at their house. I was tired but he really wanted me to go, so I did. He ran into the house to get the spare,' but ended up taking forever. So naturally, I'm thinking, Oh, he cant find it. He's going to have me come in and help.' Sure enough, he called. I walked into their garage door into the kitchen, and there were rose petals on the ground, and candlelight and music playing in the background. I thought it was for the parents and that we weren't supposed to be there, but I turned the corner and Cyler had changed from his basketball shorts into a nice suit. He was so nervous, and awkwardly asked if I would like some cheesecake. I knew what was coming at this point! Then he asked be to dance with him when our song came on, and whispered that he loves me. Then he got down on one knee! Of course I said yes!'

Photography: Haley Nord Photography // Ring: Heidi Gibson

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