One year ago, I photographed Kevin and Crystal's wedding day. It was a beautiful, cloudy day that smelled of fresh flowers, rain and the start of summer. The day was perfect with one exception, Kevin's parents weren't able to make the wedding. His dad was a veteran and was really sick and couldn't make the four hour drive down for the wedding day. A few months later, Kevin's dad passed away and talking to the both of them, I could really tell it bothered him that his parent's weren't able to be there. Fast forward to their anniversary: Kevin and Crystal decided to read their vows to one another that they wrote the day of the wedding and put into a wine bottle during the ceremony, with the intent of reading them to each other one year later. They asked a few of Kevin's family members to be there with them as they read their vows at The Great Sand Dunes, just a few minutes from where Kevin grew up. It was such a beautiful moment and you could tell it meant the world to him to have his mom and family there, and his dad there in spirit. Crystal carried a DIY bouquet filled with white peonies and yellow gerbers with a teal ribbon, a reminder of their wedding day as it was the original colors they picked. As they read their vows, I couldn't help but tear up and we could all feel the presence of JP, Kevin's dad, looking down on both of them and smiling.
(Courtesy of Sara Lynn Photographic)

Photographer: Sara Lynn Photographic Venue: Great Sand Dunes National Park Dress: Adrianna Papell


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