Love Story

Alex & I met when I was 14 and he was 15. My mom is a ballroom dancing teacher, and his mom sent Alex and his three brothers to my mom to learn how to dance. I was her assistant at the time, so that was the first time we met. I didn't find out until we started dating, that he had started liking me all the way from when we first met! We stayed friends for those years in between... Then, on February 20th at one of my mamma's events (the 50's SockHop Dance) Alex asked me out on our first date at the end of the evening! I was taken back, but SO excited! We had our first date on February 26th. He took me downtown to a coffee shop, and we walked & talked all afternoon. Exactly a year from when he asked me on our first date, he dropped down on one knee outside in the rain in the same spot where he first asked me out and asked me to be his wife. Happiest 'yes' I've ever said. Alex is my best blessing, my favorite gift... the privilege of being his wife is better than anything I could have ever dreamed of.

~ Bride, Ashleigh

Wedding Day

It was the perfect evening. There were golden sun rays peaking through the grove of trees where the ceremony took place. So much love was felt for this couple! They were seriously on cloud nine!! The food was amazing and the guests were in love with the shaved ice dessert idea! So unique! The bride's family loooooved to dance and it was such a fun night! Her brother and dad danced the night away and made sure every guest was dancing and having a good time too! My favorite part of the evening was towards the end when the mother of the bride taught the guests how to dance the "Virginia Reel" the bride and groom then swung arms with every single guest before skipping their way back down isle the guests had formed. It was INCREDIBLE and so much fun!!!

~ Southeast Idaho Wedding Photographer, Kylee Olivia Photography


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