Crisp Air, exposed shoulders, wine stained lips, abundance of fruit, candlelight, romantic florals, and the smell of pinyon…. these were just  some of the details that came together to create a collaboration of this Spanish styled shoot. As with many visions, inspiration often stems from one simple item; ours was the dress, designed by Helo Rocha. From there, everything else fell perfectly into place. We wanted to capture the feelling of passion, and deep love, the feeling of indulgence, and romance. The location was set at a gorgeous stucco home on top of rolling green hills in Durango Colorado. Unexpectedly it began to drizzle that day, which only added to the moodiness we were hoping to create. 

What was important to us was that each creative on the team was given the freedom to express and create whatever they wanted to add to this vision surrounding the dress. We were all blown away by how beautifully it came together, and how each one of our ideas complimented one another.

~ Durango Wedding Photographer, Candace Cross Photography


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