Colorado Hot Air Balloon Elopement

January 15, 2018
Colorado Hot Air Balloon Elopement

Love Story

They say that there is someone special out in the world for each and every one of us. But for those of us that have loved and felt heartbreak, this truth becomes harder and harder to believe over time. Elizabeth and I found each other at a moment in our lives where we both felt abandoned by love but only to be embraced with a boundless supply of it. We were both college students working at a local grocery store when we first met. That initial nerve-racking, butterfly-filled first date would go on to be the initial stepping stone of our 11-year romance. A romance that would keep us strong when our careers forced us into a long-distance relationship, brought us closer when deaths of loved ones came to pass, and made solid our foundation with our relocation from central Texas, to north Texas, to the west coast and back to home again to north Texas.

Elizabeth has redefined what I thought being in love was, what I thought it took to be able to give love and what I thought I had to be to receive it. Her love comes with no strings, no judgment and no limitations. She has inspired me in ways that have given meaning to purpose, quality of life and brought back faith in that ageless universal truth of a SOULMATE.

With my father’s career forcing my family to move quite often throughout the state of Texas, I never really felt I had a place that I could truly call my home. But early in my childhood, my family established a tradition that we would spend every Thanksgiving with the family of my dad’s oldest friend. They have a beautiful ranch in the hill country near San Antonio and this soon became my favorite time of the year. There was no other alternative for a place to propose to my future wife when I thought about all the joy I had shared there. So with great purpose, I arranged for Elizabeth to be picked up at the airport the day before Thanksgiving as I wrapped up the finishing touches to the video slideshow of our recent vacation. Liz was under the impression that we were going to show my parents these images together but little did she know that I had arranged this video to be the distraction I needed to be able to fall to one knee. Elizabeth arrived shortly later, greeted me in the cottage we were staying in, and with a mouthful of chicken (that she purchased at the airport) started to watch the slideshow I prepared when she noticed me kneeling behind her. With a Ring-Pop in my hand and frog in my throat, I made the best decision of my life. The Ring-Pop is a whole other story…

Elizabeth and I have an adventurous nature within us and what better way to express that with the exchanging of vows at 7600ft above sea level! Hot Air Balloon it is! Floating effortlessly up to the heavens and being surrounded by the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains. We knew we had made the right choice as we will never forget our special day up in the beautiful skies – 7.17.17!

– Liz + Bo

Photography: Larsen Photo Co. Hot Air Balloon Company: Aero-Cruise Balloon Adventures Officiant: Reverend Kim Tavendale Hair + Makeup Artist: Jill Scott Wedding Dress: Bebe Groom's Suit: Polo by Ralph Lauren
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