Their Love Story

October 9, 2010 - Little did I know this was the day I would meet my forever soulmate. This was the day we got introduced by a mutual friend. I had seen him around at parties or gatherings with friends but never took the time to say hello and to be honest didn't really want to because he seemed quite full of himself. (Note to self: Never judge a book by its cover.) Once we got to talking it turned out he was nothing like what I imagined and treated me like a lady. My friends didn't give me the heads up that we were going to hike up a mountain that day so I had to hike it with 3 inch heels on. Lord only knows how I managed not to break one bone that day! But Javier never left my side and helped me up and down that whole mountain. His kindness is what touched my soul and we became inseparable after that. 6 years later on Sept 7, 2016, my best friends and family took me back to that exact mountain where Javier and I first met and had me walk up that mountain following a trail of red rose petals till the very top. When I got to the top there he was waiting for me down on one knee with candles and a sign that said: "Will You Marry Me?" It was the happiest day of my life! And I was even happier because this time around I wasn't wearing 3 inch heels. ;) On Sept 3, 2017, it will mark another special date for us. It will be the day I will marry my forever soulmate in Silverthorne, CO, the place where it all started. We can literally say we love each other to the mountains and back. 

~ Beautiful Bride, Crystal


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