Wedding Day

There's a funny thing about celebrations: we think of them as being big, loud and boisterous. But we've come to realize that there's a celebration that happens in peoples' eyes. It's small, but it can speak volumes. In one single day during this gorgeous Vista at Arrowhead Wedding, these two had one hundred celebrations in their eyes. You could see it during their First Look, when they were wide with anticipation - during their vows, when they welled up with gratitude for this Love that they'd been blessed with - and during the Hora, when they danced around the room with as much joy as anyone's feet. It's a quiet celebration, but it's one of our favorite ones to watch, because it's a window into what the heart is feeling - and on this incredible Wedding Day, every person in attendance was feeling so much joy.

~ Colorado Wedding Photographers, The Scobeys


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