Love Story

"Coincidences mean you're on the right path." Little did they know, but a change in career would be the catalyst for two people to fall in love. Sean and Alicia met on an overcast morning in Denver, Colorado while attempting (and succeeding!) to become Air Traffic Controllers. A test, a tilt of the head, a question, and subsequent conversation over [Pinche] tacos led to late night conversations and miles in between. Flash-forward five months; Sean and Alicia reunited when job-training required them to be in Oklahoma City. Over the next several months, their bond and affection grew from their passion for exploring new cities and Sean's impeccable cooking skills. Their similar careers once again took them apart, but cross-country flights, long-distance phone calls, and their love for one another has always kept them together. 

The Proposal

First of all, it is the most difficult thing to keep a secret from Alicia. She has super-detective skills to figure out Christmas presents, so what would keep her from finding out a few details here and there about the proposal weekend? Alicia found out two weeks before that she was being flown to Denver, CO. Being that it was around the holidays, and Sean's family resides there, Sean hoped that this would throw Alicia off the scent. Well, Sean didn't take into account Alicia likes to ask questions. When one question wouldn't get answered, suspicion grew, and Alicia asked more questions. Sean tried to deflect and still managed to keep everything a surprise from awesome dinners at Beatrice & Woodsley and Tacos, Tequila & Whiskey to ice skating downtown, walking around Boulder, and their stay at the Four Seasons. Sean proposed to Alicia doing one of their favorite things, exploring! They were wondering about Downtown Denver, along the Platte River looking at the street art. The two went around a bend that was covered in ice and snow. When Alicia was slipping and sliding in her boots, Sean pulled her close and started telling Alicia why he can't live without her. He got down on one knee and, of course, Alicia said yes!


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