Canadian Rockies Elopement

I might be biased, but I think Calgary is the best city in the world for adventure elopements. Rocky mountains, roaming prairies, and ancient Badlands, all within an hour’s drive in any direction. Calgary itself is outdoorsy all year round, and I wanted to capture that spirit with a city-to-mountain winter elopement. Breanna and Shawn married in Mexico, so we knew this experience would be completely different for them!

We started at my apartment, with Breanna and Shawn cuddling on the balcony and the city skyline in view. A 45-minute drive later and we were in Kananaskis Country, the doorstep of the Canadian Rockies.  

For the ceremony, Breanna and Shawn shared tears as they exchanged their actual wedding vows. It was so intimate and real, we all forgot about the shoot and embraced the emotion as they renewed their commitment to one another. Following the ceremony, Breanna and Shawn cuddled up and drank hot cocoa.

Just like real adventure elopements, we bypassed a reception set-up and went for a simple floral display in a nook of trees. Our calligrapher, Gian, created a beautiful print with the quote ‘Love you to the mountains and back’. The mountain drawing used in the piece is a silhouette of the Three Sisters, a trio of peaks emblematic of Kananaskis Country and the region. As the sun set, we finished the adventure shoot with and toes frozen and hearts full.

~ Calgary Wedding Photographer, Film & Forest Photography


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