About the Wedding

From the Photographer, 2 Birds Studio

“Leah and Chris had never been to Jackson Wyoming before, and they had never seen the Grand Tetons in person, but they knew they wanted to get married there. I just loved the looks on their faces, truly appreciating every moment of beauty in every turn. Their officiant, Tom Jordan, led us into Teton Park through the snow for some amazing views and an unforgettable ceremony. The sun was shining as the Tetons stood gloriously in the background peaking out from a thin blanket of fog, a few skiers passing by were grabbed for witnesses, and there, Leah and Chris were married. I commend Leah for her brave moments showing bare skin in 15 degree weather and even more so for the snow angels the two made for me!”

Florist: JH Flower Boutique // Lodging: The Rustic Inn // Officiant: Tom Jordan // Photography: 2 Birds Studio


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