Wyoming Wedding

"Our Love Story"

Three and a half years ago in the middle of December, I (Abby, the bride) moved to Sheridan, Wyoming to take care of my 93-year-old great grandfather after he asked me to the previous summer. I was 19 at the time so I packed up all I owned and moved up here, I bought my first house and started nursing school while working full time. Not to my surprise, I wasn't meeting very many people with being so busy so I got on the Tinder app. It wasn't long before I saw my husband's picture and had to swipe right (meaning I liked him), shockingly to me he had done the same. Now my husband (Clint) is a Sheridan native-born and raised and works out at Spring Creek Coal mine, and has for 9 years, so he was in the same situation as me, not meeting anyone. It took 3 weeks of talking before our schedules were both finally free before he took me on the best first date of my life, to the stock care races. It was after this date I knew there was something different about Clint, he felt like home and it's as if our souls had known each other forever. After two and a half amazing years he and I went on a trip up to Cooke City, MT to go 4 wheelings with some of our great friends and adventure the amazing scenery. On day two, up at the gorgeous Round Lake high in the mountains, Clint took my breath away when he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Nine short months later on our third-year anniversary, I walked down the aisle, on a chilly 46-degree day on May 24th,2019, to the love of my life with tears running down both of our cheeks. There wasn't a dry in the house when we shared our own written vows to each other. After we were pronounced husband and wife the heavens let down a light drizzle to bless our day and our love. The day was like a fairytale and will forever be the best day of our lives.

- The Bride, Abby


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