From the Photographer, Clint of Clint Bergan Photography: Kevin and Fleita were married on August 27th, 2016 in the most sweet, intimate and warm affair. For this event, I was a Chilliwack Wedding Photographer, capturing what can only be described as a Rustic Farm Wedding. Kevin, whose First Nations heritage influenced a lot of the rituals and traditions of their wedding, and Fleita, a name so beautiful and unique that I later discovered was passed down from her grandmother, welcomed me so openly. I am very grateful to having met them, and to have been invited to share in their wonderful experience. The day started with a sun rising in the sky. For anyone familiar with Vancouver and it's notorious weather, you'll know that there is a high chance of rain any day of the year. For Kevin and Fleita's nuptials, there was not a grey cloud in the sky. As she and her Bridesmaids had their hair styled and makeup applied, Fleita recounted how she and Kevin met: "At a fundraiser for Make-A-Wish foundation at a local pub. We ended up playing pool all night, and even though I had never won before, I won every game by default. I got his number and the rest is history." Their reveal is probably the best one I have ever photographed. I had Kevin stand down the tree-lined path and asked Fleita to approach him. When she reached Kevin and tapped his shoulder gently, he turned and was brought to tears at how gorgeous Fleita looked. "I was drawn to him because of his easy smile, gentle kindness and easy going attitude. He was quiet and confident, but not arrogant; he was different and unique - he made me laugh," said Fleita when asked what it was about Kevin that captivated her. As the ceremony began in an outdoor field and under a wooden altar, it encompassed many rituals of various faiths. One of these was the presence of music and the use of drums. Dream catchers were hung throughout the ceremony site. To symbolize their new union, Kevin and Fleita were wrapped in a large Pendleton blanket, which was pinned closed by each of their mothers. After this ritual, they also took out gift blankets and gave them to select family and friends who meant the most to them. The reception that followed was fantastic. Kevin and Fleita ensured no small detail was forgotten - from wine labels with the wedding date to bags of popcorn that carried Kevin's favorite popcorn pun "you butter believe it!" Guests were provided with endless reminders of their love and devotion to one another throughout the night. Opting for a live band rather than a DJ, Kevin and Fleita had guaranteed the dance floor would always be busy and bustling with partygoers. Fleita's father Clayton jumped in on the drums for two different musical sets and each time he did, the dance floor filled up!


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