Danny and Maryknoll flew all the way from Toronto for less than 48 hours just to have their engagement session with the beautiful backdrop of the Canadian Rockies. Unfortunately this year the entire area was drowned in forest fire smoke from a huge fire just a few kilometres from Banff which obscured most of the views. This was their first ever trip to the Rockies and I was so disappointed for them! To make it up to them, I drove them all around my favorites sights in Banff, Lake Louise and Emerald Lake. Although most of the mountains were obscured, we actually ended up with some of the most unique, surreal images that I love and we wouldn't have been able to get at any other time! But best of all, Danny and Maryknoll are just the sweetest couple who took the whole thing in stride and just seemed happy to be together. Despite being together for several years they're also still so romantic and cute!

~ Banff Wedding Photographer, Lushana Bale Photography


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