Nanaimo Real Wedding

Camp Caillet Wedding Ceremony

March 20, 2019

Laura Osborn/Rocky Mountain Bride

British Columbia Wedding

During my photo consultation with this lovely bride, we discussed how there was such a special spot that she wanted to get her wedding photos taken. Myra Falls. Her father used to bring her out there every year when the thistles were in bloom. He had passed away the previous year and would be unable to make it to her special day so we made our journey up to Strathcona Park on the year mark of his passing. The park is quite a special place for the couple. Two years earlier they had quite a wonderful adventure in the park and got engaged! 

On the wedding day, there was so much hard work put into making it absolutely perfect. Most of the details were hand made by the bride's friends, family, or herself! This perfect Canadian couple had the most perfect ceremony at a local Nanaimo boy scout camp. During the ceremony, the groom's son came to join the couple and Sheena read her vows to her new stepson and gifted him a dog tag, and he gifted her the cutest little ring.


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